Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year in Review - Hokies Football Uniforms

In the last year of Frank Beamer's Hall of Fame career, the Hokies didn't do anything crazy and that is a very good thing. However, they did introduce a few new helmet designs. One was based off of Nike's Navy helmet, but I believe the Hokies pulled off the look better (see below). In addition, they introduced a new orange helmet that was okay, but would have been been better if the logo was in white so that you could actually see it on the helmet. Finally, they introduced a new black helmet that I am not fond of at all.

The Hokies did do a few things that I have never cared for regarding their combinations this year with the worst being wearing the solid white pants and then wearing the wrong striping combinations. Overall, this was a good looking year for the Hokies and it may be their last for a long time as rumors are swirling that with the new coach, a uniform change is coming as well. I am really upset about this because I love their stripes on the uniforms they have now and if they do away, so this blog. I suppose only time will tell. 

Grades: Amazing (A+) - Good (C) - Ugly (F) 

Game 1: I am a fan of monochrome and semi-monochrome uniforms and I believe this was a decent looking game. I would have preferred if the pants had matching stripes and the helmet logo was white. Overall Grade: B

Game 2: I love this uniform as like I mentioned above, the Hokies look good in that helmet. Overall Grade: A+

Game 3: See above. Overall Grade: A+

Game 4: I am not a fan of this combination as the pants have no stripes and that logo on the helmet is almost invisible. Overall Grade: D-

Game 5: I love the jersey and helmet (wish it had stripes), but I hate the plain white pants. Overall Grade: C+

Game 6: I love the helmet and jersey, but those darn white pants. Overall Grade: C

Game 7: See above. Overall Grade: A+

Game 8: I love the helmet and jersey, but wish the pants has stripes, however look is okay with the matching helmet and pants. Overall Grade: B-

Game 9: See above. Overall Grade: A+

Game 10: I love the helmet and jersey, but those darn white pants. Overall Grade: C

Game 11: The Hokies have a beautiful color palette, so there was not need to screw it up by adding black to the mix. However, I will say that at least all parts had stripes which saved this from being an F. Overall Grade: D-

Game 12: I absolutely love this uniform combination! Overall Grade: A+

Bowl Game: The Hokies finished the last two games of the year wearing the throwback helmet and I personally would love this to be their main helmet moving forward. I really love this look. Overall Grade: A+

Monday, December 28, 2015

CAMPING WORLD INDEPENDENCE BOWL - December 26, 2015 - Virginia Tech vs Tulsa

Hokies: 55 / Golden Hurricane: 52

During the final game coached by the legendary Frank Beamer, the Hokies went out in style in a beautiful uniform combination that may end up being the best looking game (uniform wise) for the entire bowl season.

2015 - Week 13 - 11/28 - at Virginia

Hokies: 23 / Cavaliers:20